Getting started

Important: Before diving right into the installation check the Using a Gatsby Theme guide!

  1. Install the theme via npm or yarn:
npm i @nehalist/gatsby-theme-nehalem --save
# or
yarn add @nehalist/gatsby-theme-nehalem
  1. Add the theme theme to your gatsby-config.js:
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `@nehalist/gatsby-theme-nehalem`,
      options: { // optional theme options
        // location to our content
        contentPath: `content`,
        // the page manifest
        manifest: {
          name: `nehalem - A Gatsby theme`,
          short_name: `nehalem`,
          start_url: `/`,
          background_color: `#a4cbb8`,
          theme_color: `#a4cbb8`,
          display: `minimal-ui`,
          icon: `${__dirname}/assets/nehalist-gatsby.png`
        // if archive pages should be generated automatically
        loadDefaultPages: true,
        // posts shown on the front page
        postsPerPage: 5

Note: In a future release theme options will cover most configurations of the gatsby-config.js!

  1. Nehalem in its default configuration requires a certain structure of your content. This is especially important to consider when using a starter which already ships with a specific content structure - so just follow these rules:

    1. Be sure to have a content directory within your Gatsby installation
    2. Be sure to have a tags.yml file within the content directory with at least one tag, e.g.
    - name: Uncategorized
      color: #000
      icon: null
      featured: false
    1. Be sure for your markdown files to include proper frontmatter content, e.g.:
    title: "Post title"
    path: "/path-to-your-post"
    tags: ["Theme"]
    featuredImage: "./cover.jpg"
    excerpt: Descriptive description.
    created: 2019-07-29
    updated: 2019-07-29

For further instructions check the other docs:

Or check the features to get an idea of all the possibilities with Nehalem!

I hope you enjoy this theme!

– Kevin

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