Creating content

Content in Nehalem is served by the gatsby-transformer-remark plugin. But to create content it's not necessary to deal with GraphQL queries and instead create simple markdown files.

The content directory

When starting Nehalem the first time it will create a content directory - and this is where the fun happens. If a markdown file is interpreted as post or static file depends on it's directory:

  • put posts under content/posts
  • put pages under content/pages

Creating posts

Posts do have a slightly longer frontmatter than pages:

title: "Post title"
path: "/path-to-the-post"
tags: ["A", "list", "of", "tags"]
featuredImage: "./cover.jpg"
excerpt: An excerpt what to expect from this post.
created: 2019-07-29
updated: 2019-07-29

Creating pages

The pages frontmatter is slightly shorter:

title: Page title
path: "/path-to-the-path"
excerpt: An excerpt what to expect from this page.

The `excerpt` is used for SEO!


Tags are handled slightly different than posts and pages; they're stored in a tags.yml which must be located in the content directory.

It's highly recommended to register all tags used within posts in this file!

The tags.yml file:

- name: Tag1
  color: "#ff0000"
  icon: ./assets/images/tag1icon.svg
  featured: true
- name: Tag2
  color: #00ffee
  icon: ./assets/images/tag2icon.svg
  featured: false

color is used to change the appearance for the subheader on the tag archive for this specific tag. If featured is set to true the tag will be shown on the front page.

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